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Rift - Alsbeth downed

24. August 2011 13:46 by Rick Glos in

We downed Alsbeth in River of Souls (RoS) last night!  She dropped a mage relic (screenshot|item) as well which went to Ravs.  We also earned an achievement.  I’m currently carrying a staff dropped from one of the bosses in Greenscale’s Blight (GSB) – here’s the comparison

Feels rewarding to have cleared GSB and RoS content.

DPS Analysis - Rift

8. July 2011 18:01 by Rick Glos in

Doing some analysis and looking for a place to log it.  My web log (blog) seemed like a good spot.  If you’re not into this please disregard.


This test is using this SC/Ele spec.  Considered an excellent AoE spec at this time, this test looks at single target (ST) damage over a 3 minute period on a target dummy.

This is as of patch 1.3 and done 2011.07.08.  No buffs of any kind except the two the I can cast, Stone Armor and Synergize.

My stats are Spell Power 964 and Spell Crit 572.

1st test – 899.71

2nd test is turning off Electrify buff on the Greater Air Elemental to test a theory – 875.66


Rotation in both tests.

Start up

  1. 5x Pillaging Stone
  2. 1x Raging Storm
  3. 1x Ice Shear
  4. 1x Lightning Strike
  5. Static Flux
  6. Static Discharge
  7. Intensify Elements
  8. 4x Cloudburst


  1. 1x Thunderbolt
  2. 1x Lightning Strike
  3. If at 80% charge, toggle Static Flux on
  4. 5x Cloudburst
  5. If Static Flux on, toggle off

During Rotation when Static Discharge and Intensify Elements come up again, hit them just like on step 5 of the start up rotation.

Here’s my stats for this test.  Mainly we are concerned with the 964 Spell Power and 572 Spell Crit.

7-8-2011 3-30-29 PM

Here’s the encounter summary for the 1st test.

7-8-2011 5-49-18 PM

The details are here.

You can see the spikes where we are using our cool downs of SF, SD, and IE together.

7-8-2011 5-56-26 PM

The encounter summary for the second test.

7-8-2011 5-51-03 PM

The details are here.