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Red Tails Trailer

31. August 2011 05:16 by Rick Glos in

My old man asked me if I’d seen the trailer for Red Tails a couple days ago.

Amazing what they can do now with CGI.  I can’t help but get excited.  When I watch something like that I can’t help but identify those planes; besides the easily identifiable B-17, there’s Bf 109, Me 262, Spitfire, Hurricane, and P-51 just to name a few.  I can’t remember the name of the restaurant my wife and I went to last week, but the names of those planes roll off my tongue as I was watching it.

As a kid, my Dad would take me to the hobby store on weekends sometimes.  We’d buy 1/72nd scale models of WW2 things – mostly tanks, planes and infantry.  I can remember that store in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  It was stacked floor to ceiling with models and it smelled like old people.  In the back there was a barber shop.  Besides a bunch of boxes they would also have the glass case of finished models – all painted and complete.  Man that brings back memories.

As I get older, I think about some of this stuff.  To this day I am drawn towards WW2 related things.  I just purchased a game called Panzer Corps, basically a recreation of the game I played 17 years ago, Panzer General.


I’ve also been playing Company of Heroes on and off for the past 4 years including the excellent Blitzkrieg Mod which breathed new life into the game.


It’s been awhile but it’s also in line with Eastern Front, a turn-based, pixel looking game I played 20 years ago. 


And I also shouldn’t forget the flight simulation type games I played 20 years ago like Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.


I could keep going… My poor son Max, wait until I introduce him to this stuff!

Finished - The Book of Jhereg by Steven Brust

25. August 2011 05:55 by Rick Glos in

Not sure why I read The Book of Jhereg.  About 2/3 into it I was thinking, “man, this isn’t that great” but I finished it this morning anyway.

It’s a collection of 3 books and part of a larger collection of I’m not sure how many – who cares.

If you dig books about assassins mixed with a fantasy world and some magic then go for it.  I’m not going to read anymore of the series myself at this point.

Rift - Alsbeth downed

24. August 2011 13:46 by Rick Glos in

We downed Alsbeth in River of Souls (RoS) last night!  She dropped a mage relic (screenshot|item) as well which went to Ravs.  We also earned an achievement.  I’m currently carrying a staff dropped from one of the bosses in Greenscale’s Blight (GSB) – here’s the comparison

Feels rewarding to have cleared GSB and RoS content.

Max at 9 months

2. August 2011 07:08 by Rick Glos in

Max is now exiting the plant stage and entering the pet stage.

The last two weeks he seems to have become more dangerous.  He just become really mobile in his walker whereas previously he would just kind of stand in it.  Now when he sees something he wants, he goes after it.  This video should highlight it pretty well.

We’re also getting more comfortable with taking him out.  Last weekend in Bend, he was loving pancakes.


Nice mouse face.


Digging in.