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The fire dance

17. June 2010 15:42 by Rick Glos in

After finding out that we are having a boy, I was very happy.  I know that healthy baby > baby gender, and we certainly went through all the genetic counseling and screening to ensure that our child is healthy.  I also understand that all that is based on percentages, nothing is guaranteed and something can still go wrong and that I am doing little to nothing as far a ‘work’ is concerned.  Heidi is doing all the ‘work’ at this point and her body is going through some amazing changes in such a short time period.

But I can’t help but feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away when he built his fire.

Its not often I get the chance to pound my chest and act like a caveman.

Its going to be a boy

15. June 2010 17:54 by Rick Glos in

Heidi is now 19 weeks pregnant, or 5 months, or half-way, depending on how you look at it.  Today was the ultrasound to determine sex.  I’ve looked at other people’s pictures of these in the past and wondered, “what am I looking at here… it looks like old static television.”  I like this shot though because there is no doubt about the arrow pointing at the penis.



11. June 2010 13:33 by Rick Glos in

My scheduled day at Loaves & Fishes for Meals on Two Wheels has shifted from Monday to Friday.  In transition, I did two routes this week.  I’ve been at this for 1 year now.  I still very much enjoy meeting new people and having conversations with folks that have been on my route from the start and checking in on them.

Although the organization title has ‘fishes’ in it, I had yet to delivery any until now.  Makes me think about the midwest and how fish friday is common.  Not so much here in PDX.