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Biking directions added to Google Maps

12. March 2010 10:02 by Rick Glos in

They just added biking directions to google maps this week.  Very cool.

3-12-2010 8-42-49 AM

I was looking at directions on how to get to Chris King when I stumbled across this (there’s a Portland Trail Fest thing coming up in April I thought might be cool to check out).

3-12-2010 8-44-12 AM

Previously, I’d been using another service, ByCycle Trip Planner, whenever I wanted to go somewhere and wasn’t sure where there would be decent bike lanes or paths.  They only had it Portland… and Milwaukee, Wisconsin ironically – my previous residence.

The service was great but what google has done is even better.  The different suggested routes, help to avoid steep hills, etc.  It’s all very thorough.

They even have a nice YouTube video explaining it:

Maybe next time you need milk and eggs you can ride your bike?