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Winter Storm 2008

29. December 2008 10:15 by Rick Glos in

So we are finally thawed out from our snow storm here.


I’ve heard varying reports of how much snow we received.  About a foot and a half, 18 inches is what I would guess.  It completely shut the city down.  Even the interstate highways, I-5 for example, were closed at one time or another, which is quite unusual and for a Midwest guy, is unheard of.  Schools closed, offices closed, stores closed.  Since I work from home, I didn’t get to have a snow day.  I did get to drive my wife to work a couple days through it though.

They love to use tire chains out here.  Honestly, I never really heard of them until I moved out here.  The city even had a mandatory request that if you were driving the roads you needed tire chains.  Luckily I purchased some traction tires before I left Wisconsin, basically a tire with a little mountain emblem on the sidewall stating it is a tire that can handle snow in the mountains, so I didn’t need chains, which was good for the grocery store run I needed to make past the people cross country skiing down a four lane highway.

The weird thing about the storm is that it lasted for about 2 weeks.  The cold blew in and then stayed.  So we would get a few inches of snow, and then more snow on top of it the next day with no melting and this is what caused the buildup.  I heard it was the 2nd or 3rd highest snowfall on record for this area and the news couldn’t get enough of it.

18 inches of snow piled outside the front gate of our duplex


Heidi’s car was buried.


Thick ice too.  It took me a good 15 minutes to unbury the truck for the grocery store run.


Even the snow plow got stuck forcing the driver to dig himself out.


It did make for a beautiful white Christmas, which was great for getting in the holiday spirit, and brought a little bit of home back here.