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PASS 2008

19. November 2008 08:21 by Rick Glos in

Up in Seattle this morning for conference.  This one is another nerd one called Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS).

11-19-2008 7-19-01 AM

Getting up here is not so bad.  Took the Starlight train which serves dinner.  So I boarded the train at 4:20 pm, read a book, had dinner at 6, and was in Seattle at 8.  I’ve heard the drive can be longer with traffic but I’ve only been here once via that method and I was a passenger.  If it’s anything like Chicago traffic then I could see it taking longer.

You also get to meet interesting people this way. 

Seated behind me on the train were two young college students and I eaves dropped to hear about how important the new camera was in this girl’s life.  She was heading up to Seattle from Portland to take pictures with it and coming back the next day.  Across from her was a guy, talking to her about staying in hostels. 

Then at dinner, they seat you in a booth in the dining car with other folks to make the best use of available space.  So I ended up sitting with a couple from Seattle and a woman from some small town near Seattle.  They were all geologists.  In there 50’s.  I tried to stay in the conversation with talking about Copper Canyon in Northern Mexico that I just read about in my National Geographic.  Overall I think I followed along pretty well, talking about fault lines and earth quakes and what a great area the Pacific Northwest is for that kind of stuff.

The cab driver that took me to my hotel was an Ethiopian who’d been here two years now and brought his whole family with him.  He has his green card and is working on his citizenship.  We talked about what a difference in climate he had to adjust too.  He also mentioned that the difference in daylight with the change in seasons was also a shock to him.

It’s interesting the people you can meet when you travel and the opposite ends of the spectrum from which you can find people at in their lives.

So it’s two days of learning about database technology for nerds.  Then this weekend I’m going to play games with 250 other nerds in one big room called PDXLAN.

Life is good.

Tru Blood – Hooked Yet?

18. November 2008 10:22 by Rick Glos in


Are you watching Tru Blood on HBO (wikipedia|HBO)?

I started with the first episode and got hooked.  Then I got my wife hooked.  Then I helped a couple office co-workers get hooked.  Do you need to get hooked?

I think it’s right up there with the Soprano’s.

This Sunday (Nov 18th, 2008) is the last episode of the season.  If you subscribe to HBO you can catch up by watching the show OnDemand.

I just read that the next season won’t return until next summer (Summer of 2009)!  HBO will also release the first season on DVD before that if you’re just a Netflix person and can handle the wait. (news - with quote below in case the link goes dead)

The series will return for its second season next summer, and HBO is looking to build anticipation by releasing a DVD of the first season before that — unusually early for the network.

I’ve purchased the first book.  I guess the literature will have to do until the series returns.