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Camping - Indian Creek - Washington

6. August 2013 11:55 by Rick Glos in Camping, Life

Went camping for the first time in Washington on the SE side of Mt. Rainier with our friends Matt and his friends Ron and Jen at Indian Creek.  Matt brought his daughter Sydney (2yr) and Ron/Jen brought Lilly (3yr 3mo).  Max is now 2yr 9mo and had great fun with his balance bike and exclaimed many times that, “I love camping”.

Camp sites were nice and spacious under the large trees with a good distance between each site so you didn't feel crowded.  Water access is not so good since there's not really a beach but a muddy shoreline, but it was cool to check it out at dusk to watch the bats eat insects.  We walked over to the resort next door which does have good water access and a rocky beach area.  A boat, motorized or not, would add good activities during the day.  Should’ve brought my bike to check out the trails and ride around the campground.  No showers or bathrooms, just pit toilets and water spigots.  Camp host was very nice.  Fire ban for August meant no campfire or charcoal grilling; a real bummer and will keep me from camping their again – had to cook on camp stove.  All in all a good campground besides the fire ban.

Sadly, I did a poor job of taking pictures and video.

Max and his 2 friends.


Max with the lake in the background.


WPF Application Single Instance Detection - Only allow running your application once

14. June 2013 09:57 by Rick Glos in Programming

I have a requirement where I only want the application to be launched once.  If a subsequent launch of the application occurs, I want it to not pop-up a message to the user but to gracefully select the existing application that has already been launched, therebye preventing multiple launches of the same application.

The current application I’m targeting is a utility application (WoT Kit) I’ve written for World of Tanks that parses your battle results.  Part of the parsing process involves using an external 3rd parties site to convert the battle results from binary python in JSON.  The application uploads the binary file and gets back a string of JSON.  The guy running the website emailed me because he saw the same file getting uploaded in his logs.  Further investigation points to a user running the application more than once, most likely by accident as sometimes we get a lot of applications running.

So how is this done using a WPF application?  Further complicating this is that I’m using the Prism Patterns & Practices libraries for composite WPF applications.  I lean on this often for work related projects so this is useful in many scenarios.

Implement the Main method

First we need to take over how the application is launched.  In a WPF application, the entry point is generated for you.  If you select the option to view all files, you’ll see in your obj\$(Configuration) folder a App.g.cs file that contains the code that is the entry point.

6-14-2013 9-15-47 AM

   1:/// <summary>
   2:/// App
   3:/// </summary>
   4:public partial class App : System.Windows.Application {
   6:/// <summary>
   7:/// Application Entry Point.
   8:/// </summary>
   9:        [System.STAThreadAttribute()]
  10:        [System.Diagnostics.DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute()]
  11:        [System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCodeAttribute("PresentationBuildTasks", "")]
  12:public static void Main() {
  13:            WoTBattleResultsKit.App app = new WoTBattleResultsKit.App();
  14:            app.Run();
  15:        }
  16:    }

Instead we want to be in control of this bit of code.  So add a class called Startup to your project and add a Main method and just copy+paste the internal stuff from the prior Main method.

   1:class Startup
   2:    {
   3:        [STAThread]
   4:static void Main()
   5:        {
   6:            WoTBattleResultsKit.App app = new WoTBattleResultsKit.App();
   7:            app.Run();
   8:        }
   9:    }

Change your project startup object to specifically use your class.

6-14-2013 9-07-52 AM

When you F5, your application should launch just as it did previously.

Add a Activate method to your existing Application class

Next we want to open our existing class that contains the inheritance of our Application class.  For most people, and Prism users as well, this will be your App.xaml.cs file.

6-14-2013 9-38-06 AM

Crack that open and add the Activate method.

6-14-2013 9-39-24 AM


   1:public void Activate()
   2:        {
   3: // Reactivate application's main window
   4: this.MainWindow.Activate();
   5:        }

Add the SingleInstanceManager class to encapsulate handling the single instance logic

I put this code in the Startup.cs file.  Here we are going to add a class to handle the logic for when the application is launched and when it is launched again.  We are also going to rely on the WIndowsFormsApplicationBase which is inside of Microsoft.VisualBasic library.

Here’s where you go “ermhagerd you can’t do this!  VB in my C#.”  Well get over it.  That library is in the .NET Framework, you’re not requiring the user a separate download.  Who cares if it’s VisualBasic or System.ConfigurationUtils.  It’s also the recommended implementation from MSDN (Single Instance Detection Sample).  I’ve seen other solutions using Mutex, etc – but seems unnecessarily complex – each his own.  Read all the glorious arguments for and against on StackOverflow.

Here’s the code for the entire Startup.cs with the modified Main method to use the SingleInstanceManger and the Main methods code moved inside the SingleInstanceManager.OnStartup.

   1:class Startup
   2:    {
   3:        [STAThread]
   4:static void Main(string[] args)
   5:        {
   6:            SingleInstanceManager manager = new SingleInstanceManager();
   7:            manager.Run(args);
   8:        }
   9:    }
  11:public class SingleInstanceManager : WindowsFormsApplicationBase
  12:    {
  13:        App app;
  15:public SingleInstanceManager()
  16:        {
  17: this.IsSingleInstance = true;
  18:        }
  20:protected override bool OnStartup(StartupEventArgs eventArgs)
  21:        {
  22: // First time app is launched
  23:            app = new WoTBattleResultsKit.App();
  24:            app.Run();
  25: return false;
  26:        }
  28:protected override void OnStartupNextInstance(StartupNextInstanceEventArgs eventArgs)
  29:        {
  30: // Subsequent launches
  31: base.OnStartupNextInstance(eventArgs);
  32:            app.Activate();
  33:        }
  34:    }

From here you are good to go.

I’ll be using the technique for future applications and using it to update some existing applications that do this currently but do things like searching thru the processes running on the machine and throwing pop-up windows, like “You already have one of this application running" as this technique is much more user friendly.

Systeminfo is a cool command

22. May 2013 11:21 by Rick Glos in Computers

I was wondering how old my current rig is because I couldn’t remember when I built it and was thinking it was time for an upgrade.  Ran across the syseminfo command which will tell you the Original Install Date among other things.

Looks like I built this system almost 4 years ago in August of 2009.


5-22-2013 11-17-46 AM

World of Tanks - Skirmish 18 - Alienware tourney

16. May 2013 12:31 by Rick Glos in Gaming

We (Cap Fast Nation) made it to the finals last weekend of Skirmish 18 out of 64 teams (brackets).  We lost to 3-1 versus Netwarriors but it was a good fight.

5-16-2013 12-22-22 PM

Scored us each 2,000 gold.

5-16-2013 12-23-06 PM

Alienware sponsored a tournament that we made it into the semifinals (brackets) – with a final 8 out of 38 teams.  There we lost a really close one 2-1 versus Scurry Hard, made up of some rude dudes.  It was double-elimination and we couldn’t field enough people the second day in the losers bracket so we forfeited.

5-16-2013 12-30-28 PM

Visual Studio 2012 theme, caps and pending changes window

1. May 2013 11:19 by Rick Glos in Programming

I’ve been living in Visual Studio 2012 for a couple weeks now, finally making the switch from Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2012 for most of my work and doing the usual stuff of upgrading projects and tools, etc.

Many people have complained about the UI and I’m not normally one to customize but it has been hard.  I find myself having having mental hiccups figuring out which tab is active or why can’t I see xyz in the pending changes window?  My co-worker and I were discussing and came across some good links I wanted to document.

  1. Customizing the theme.

    A really good extension called Color Theme Editor. A good video on how it works.

  2. Getting rid of the all caps.

    It involves the registry, but thankfully there's a way to remove those capitals.

  3. Getting the old pending changes window back.

    I think Pending Changes merits its own window, not being buried in the Team Explorer window.

VS2012 unit tests fail when using Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo

24. April 2013 06:30 by Rick Glos in Programming

I’ve got a bunch of unit tests that were in an existing VS2010 project that worked great.  They had an AssemblyInitialize method that dropped and recreated the database and used Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo to run scripts.

When I upgraded this solution to VS2012 the unit tests would no longer execute and I was receiving the following error:

System.IO.FileLoadException: Mixed mode assembly is built against version ‘v2.0.50727’ of the runtime and cannot be loaded in the 4.0 runtime without additional configuration information.. Aborting test execution.

I can’t very well change how Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo is compiled.

Googling around I didn’t find much but eventually ran across a comment buried in StackOverflow question about hand editing the VS2012 test runner.

The solution is to open the config file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\TestWindow\vstest.executionengine.x86.exe.config and add the following:

<startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true"><supportedRuntime version="v4.0"/></startup>

Note that I had to restart VS2012 to unload the exe and reload it.  You can see it running as a child process of VS2012 in Process Explorer.

4-24-2013 6-25-49 AM

Hope that helps someone else.

Unable to manage networking component. Operating system corruption bay be preventing installation.

15. April 2013 13:13 by Rick Glos in

In attempting to install some VPN software to connect to a client I received a ambiguous message from the installer.

Unable to manage networking component. Operating system corruption bay be preventing installation.

4-15-2013 9-53-44 AM

Some googling turned up a good post about Windows 7 being limited to 14 network filter drivers but is set by default to only 8 (post) along with a link to technet forums (post).

Although the post was on Cisco forums, and I was installing some SonicWALL software, I assumed SonicWALL was just a re-branding of the Cisco installer.  In addition I have a number of what I think would be ‘network filter driver’ software like Windows Virtual PC’s, VirtualBox, Network Monitor, and other client VPN connection tools.

To increase the network filters to allow the software into install, modify your registry key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network\MaxNumFilters and change the value from 8 to 14.

This did not require a reboot.

Google kills Reader

18. March 2013 09:53 by Rick Glos in

Update - May, 8, 2013 - I’ve started using Feedly and so far I am liking it more than I did reader.

I’ve been using Google Reader since 2005 daily and it was one of the founding applications (along with gmail) that me made use Google.  When they added Google Calendar it was a easy to encourage people I know to switch, my wife in particular being on its greatest supporters.  She non-technical, but I see her keep up with feeds via Reader on our living room TV daily.

Last week Google decides to kill it.  Silly.  But now what?

Options I’ve come across to contemplate:

  1. Newsblur

    Interesting article on how they are scaling it up to handle the new demand.  Downside?  Looks like it costs money.

  2. Feedly

    Looks slick. Does it cost anything?

  3. Digg?

    Perhaps promising but as of 2013.03.18 this is vaporware.

  4. Wunderfeed?

    Forget where I got this link. Like digg though, as of 2013.03.18, it's vaporware.

Max - from crib to toddler bed

15. March 2013 13:27 by Rick Glos in

Last night we adjusted Max’s sleeping from a crib to a toddler bed.  Our primary motive was safety.  Lately we had caught him hanging on the bar from the outside of the crib, who knows what was next.


The bed comes with an optional side rail.  He did very well and didn’t even try to get out of the bed last night.  He was very chatty and talking about it in the morning when we woke him up and he got himself out of bed.


We purchased this DaVinci Crib in Dec of 2010 (over 3 yrs ago) off Amazon.  Max is now 2 yrs and 4 months and we’re pleased with the $199 we spent on it.  Apparently with this Conversion Rail Kit, it can convert into a full/twin bed for another $75.

Recipe - Black Bean and Corn Soup

4. March 2013 08:55 by Rick Glos in

Turned out really good with a loaf of hearty bread.  Got the original recipe from here and tweaked it.  As the original post states, nice and creamy without having to add cream.

  • 1 bag of frozen corn
  • 1 cup of dried black beans (or 3 cans of black beans)
  • 1.5 cups of chicken broth
  • 1 (14.5 oz.) can of diced tomatoes with green chilies
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • (optional) grated cheese on top to serve

Simmer beans in pot of water for 2-3 hours. 

Heat large pot, add some oil, cook frozen corn for 4-ish minutes.

Drain, put 2/3 of beans in blender with chicken broth and blend.

Pour blended mixture, diced tomatoes, remaining 1/3 black beans, and salt into pot and simmer about 15 minutes or reduce to your consistency you like.